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Guidelines for Authors

MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION : Prepare and submit your manuscript as per following detailed instructions provided herein.

The manuscript should follow JEAS format available from this link.

The manuscripts should present original work in the scope of the journal; must be exclusively submitted to this journal and must not have been published before, and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. The extended and expanded versions of papers published in conference proceedings can also be submitted with detailed description of the additional parts. Three types of manuscripts are considered: regular, short, and survey/tutorial papers.  

ACCESS AND CHARGES : JECAS is a broad based, peer reviewed, open access journal which publishes original research of most recent scientific importance. JECAS aim is to provide an opportunity to its authors the most rapid review and publication process. On the other hand, the vision of this group of journal is to provide free access without financial restriction to readers using the open access model of publication. We strongly hope that both authors and readers throughout the globe will appreciate our goals of dissemination of scientific research.

PAGE LIMITS : Regular papers are limited to a maximum of 12 pages of the journal. Short papers are limited to 4 pages. For surveys/tutorial papers, contact in advance the Editor-in-Chief.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST : All authors are requested to disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest or the lack of such.

AUTHOR DECLARATION : The authors declare that the manuscript is original, has not been published before, and is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere. The manuscript has been read and approved by all named authors, no other persons who satisfied the criteria for authorship are not listed, and the order of authors listed in the manuscript has been approved by all authors. Authors must acknowledge the support from any funding agency and the authors have received the permission from the funding agency if required. The corresponding author is the sole contact with the JECAS editorial board in matters related to the submissions of revisions and final approval of proofs.

COPYRIGHT TRANSFER AGREEMENT : Upon acceptance of an article, authors will be asked to sign the copyright transfer agreement.

LANGUAGE : The language of the journal is English.

SUBMISSION : Submission to this journal is accepted only through the eJManager portal. No e-mail submissions are allowed. Manuscript must be prepared and sent in MS Word only following the template provided.

SUBMITTED DOCUMENTS : "Article Format (Rev.2)" document MUST contain all author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s). However, the "Main Article" document CANNOT contain any information about the author(s) or the affiliation(s).

AUTHORS BAN  : Authors failing to upload their manuscripts according to our terms and conditions and/or failing to follow our JEAS template more than once will get their manuscripts rejected and will be banned from future uploads. Authors must make every effort to ensure full comliance with JEAS terms & conditions and template format.

PLAGIARISM CHECK : All submitted manuscripts must pass the plagiarism check. Our policy is not to accept any manuscripts with more than 25% similarity measure. The plagiarism check is a paid service charged to the author(s) and is conducted prior to submission. Any fees paid for the plagiarism check are non-refundable.

USE OF WORD-PROCESSING SOFTWARE : The manuscript must be prepared in MS Word and follow the article format as illustrated in the template. All tables and figures must be placed within the manuscript in their proper location. Footnotes are not accepted.

AUTHOR INQUIRIES : For inquiries related to the submission of articles contact the editors through jeas[at]mu.edu.sa.