The Center of Publishing and Translation

The Center of Publishing and Translation at the University of Majmaah is considered as an administrative and technical party, that is in charge of supervision on the scientific works, the composed and the translated ones, in terms of the process of approval, reviewing , editing, auditing, and publishing, in addition to holding seminars and scientific conferences and workshops in the field of translation, authoring, and publishing.

The Center is linked  administratively with the Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, and is considered as the executive party of the Scientific Council in matters of scientific publishing and translation, where the Center publishes the versions which are approved by the Scientific Council. However, all acts of publishing and translation should be achieved at the university in accordance with the "unified list for scientific research in the Saudi universities" which was issued under the resolution of the Higher Education Council No. 02/10/1419 H.              

The versions of the Center are varied including: reference books , textbooks , research, works of seminars and conferences, catalogs, scientific encyclopedias , dictionaries , indexes , and scientific messages , in addition to the three scientific journals.

The Board of the Department of the Center consists of the Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Director of the Center , and eight faculty members at the university representing various scientific and knowledge disciplines as well as their excellence experience in publishing, authoring, and translation, and their academic rank is not less than assistant professor.